papier frommelen

foto's van de Amerikaanse ‘page curler’ Cara Barer.Zij is in de eerste plaats fotografe,maar wat zij fotografeert:boeken met omgekruld bladen

ziehier wat ik elders vond:

In Barer’s hands, the books are still recognizably books but warped, torn, disbound, dyed and/or sculpted until they are suggestive of quite different, often organic forms. An over-bloomed flower … butterfly wings … snowflake crystals.
Her Dimensions and Of Words, Paper, and Shapes series are are among the finest examples of biblio-photography.

How does she find her subjects:
Barer realized that she owned many books that were "no longer of use to me, or for that matter, anyone else. Would I ever need "Windows 95?" she says.

What next:
"As I begin the process, I first consider the contents of each volume." Then
the books go into the "bathtub for a few hours" and emerge with "a new shape and purpose. She "uses everything from hair rollers to Velcro to manipulate them into the desired forms."

via humo vond ik deze site,met nog meer kunst met boeken

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